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Postcard day

Today I am off work so I decided to spend a few hours on It has been a long time since the I last sent any postcard via this website.  I have to go to the Post Office anyway, to pick up my keyboard stickers with Cyrillic alphabet (Ukrainian and Russian). 🙂 I can’t wait!

But let’s go back to the postcards.
I brought those two rectangular postcards from Finland.
At first, I didn’t plan to send them anywhere, but I got bored with them 🙂
So why not share with others?

This one I bought on sale in Empik store. And it will go to a couple who wanted to receive postards with old cars 🙂

Two postcards from my favourite restaurant! I often go there with my boyfriend. <3

This postcards comes from a collection of old reprinted postcards.
I only send it to fans of city views and old stuff.

This one is from sailing festival in my city. I will send off two of those this time (I have plenty :p)

I bought it on the fantasy convention in Finland. And it goes to Ukraine 🙂
I tried to match people’s tastes and I hope I did. We will see when they receive their postcards 😉